Secret Meanings of Flowers

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About My Book

Secret Meanings of Flowers is a book I've written, which is available from

Did you know that many flowers and plants have secret meanings? This book contains over 1,000 flowers and plants listed alphabetically with their associated meanings. And it is cross-referenced so that the reader may look up over 2.000 meanings alphabetically and find the flowers (and plants) related to those meanings. I will help you select appropriate flowers for many occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, funerals and starting a new business. In addition, I will give you information about which flowers are most suitable for themed gardens, for example Joy and Peace. Enhance your ability to reflect moods through flowers by using color theory. Discover why you should never give a woman Japanese roses, unless you want to insult her! Also, learn how to choose flowers for themed gardens such as Joy or Peace. When in doubt about what flowers to send or give, use the Color Theory section of the book. Enhance your ability to convey your emotions to others - without saying a word!

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